Written By: Lynda

Craftsmanship is worth the time and effort. The services offered by Lynda’s Custom Bookbinding are focused on books that are special, often keepsakes.  Most customers want one book bound at a time, which usually can be finished in a week or less upon receipt.

The “Custom” in the name has meant lots of variety. If you have an idea, an e-mail with a specific request or sketch will help me determine if I can meet your need. If I am unable to meet your need, a referral may result.

Some of the common types of things that I do are:

  • Bible rebinding
  • Thesis binding
  • Turning a set of printed pages into a hardback book, either book cloth or leather covered.
  • Converting paper backs into hardback volumes.
  • Repair of very old books.
  • Making a slip case for a book.
  • Making a clam shell box to hold special papers or a book.