Written By: Lynda


While I was living in the Netherlands (1986-1989 and 1998-2000), I had the opportunity to learn bookbinding. When I moved back to the U.S., I found that it was a craft that was not done very much where I live, so I decided to do custom book binding as a home business. After acquiring the needed equipment, I began doing business in 2000. Because I work out of my home studio, I am able to keep my charges reasonable.


It is my goal to provide quick service and a quality product of which my customers can be proud. I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind treasures. Most importantly, I aim to meet my customer’s needs. In order to ensure expectations are met, I generally use e-mail as the primary mode for communication. Often photos can be exchanged to allow me to judge what needs to be done.


I have sources for leather and buy hides of different colors when required. Customers have also provided special paper, which generally is not a problem. There is also the occasional need for rapid turnaround, which I do my best to accommodate.

Customer Base

My customer base is growing to all four corners of the contiguous United States. The majority of my business comes through the Internet and the working agreements are established via e-mail. This method of communication has been working quite well for my customers. The number of repeat customers has been steadily growing in the last couple of years.