Customer Comments

Written By: Lynda


  1. T. H. says:

    The book is beautiful- can’t wait to share with my parents.

    T. H. Washington 7/13/18

  2. C. W. says:

    Hi Lynda. Beautiful job. Thank you.

    – C. W. Oregon 6/29/18

  3. M.S. says:

    Got the rebound book in the mail. Many thanks, impeccable work, I appreciate it.

    – M. S. Texas 5/4/18

  4. A. S. says:

    I received my Bible today!
    You have done amazing job. It is so good! I love it! I love everything about it.

    – A. S. California 3/28/18

  5. J. L. says:

    Got it! This is definitely one of my favorite covers/bindings… I am very pleased with it!! I’d like to have a few more made up- Thanks again and really an incredible job with the cover!

    – J. L. Massachusetts 1/10/18

  6. C. T. says:

    I received the book today and it is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much. I love it!

    – C. T. Washington 10/5/17

  7. Z. B. says:

    Thank you so much. The book turned out beautiful and she is going to LOVE it. =) Thank you for your speedy and quality work.

    – Z. B. Oregon 9/26/17

  8. D. R. says:

    I am blown away by the shear beauty of the rebinding work that you have done. This is why I always turn to you for the job, and I constantly tell and show others your work. Thank you again.

    – D. R. Georgia 7/7/17

  9. A. J. says:

    I received my book and it is perfect! I absolutely love it, it is beautiful and exactly what I wanted.
    Thank you SO much!!

    – A. J. Washington 9/10/16

  10. M. H. says:

    I received my Bible today. Lovely, just lovely. I’m going to recommend you to our church office. Thank you.

    – M. H. Oregon 8/12/16

  11. A. B-S. says:

    I received the book in the mail today. I am speechless at how beautiful of a job you did on it. Far exceeded my expectations. Wonderful job and very high quality. Thank you so much for making my special book so beautiful – I can tell you put your heart into your work and that means a lot to me and all your customers.

    – A. B-S. California 6/8/16

  12. T. H. says:

    Thank you so much for your work on my book for my daughter. I just received the final bound book, and I literally cried when I opened it—it looks amazing. I’m excited to give it to her, and your work has made it extra-special.

    – T. H. Washington 5/25/16

  13. J. P. says:

    Your bookbinding arrived today and is fantastic! Thank you so very much for your gorgeous work.

    -J. P. Connecticut 1/21/16

  14. M. S. says:

    Hello Lynda. I picked up my PO box mail this morning. The quality of your work is exceptional – beyond what I visualized and hoped for! I am very happy and very pleased with each book.

    Thank you ever so much, Lynda. Continue your ‘almost’ lost art and treasure of bookbinding.

    – M. S. Oregon 10/17/15

  15. B. B. says:

    I just received ‘A Father’s Love’ and your work in exquisite! I love the book and this one means every bit as much as the first. God willing, I’ll have a third in a couple of years and hope we can collaborate again. These gifts are from the heart and made into heirlooms by your beautiful work.

    – B. B. New York 8/17/15

  16. T. K. says:

    The clamshell box arrived yesterday, and now it is proudly sitting on my desk. Thanks so much!

    – T. K. DC 7/24/15

  17. J. S. says:

    The Bible arrived and is beautiful. Thank you so much.

    – J. S. Oregon 2/23/15

  18. M. H. says:

    The book came today, and in my excitement I opened it immediately. I really am amazed by how beautiful the book came out, my money was well spent and I will definitely go to you again if I should ever need another book made for any reason. What you do is art, and I am very happy with how it came out.

    – M. H. Colorado 1/29/15

  19. N. W. says:

    I wish to commend you on the fine job you did on my memoirs. I have received many compliments on the books’ professional appearance.

    Your fine workmanship will insure that my memoirs will be read by many generations to come.

    – N. W. Washington 1/5/15

  20. Z. K. says:

    I just wanted to say, Thank you. We loved the books.

    – Z. K. Pennsylvania 8/31/14

  21. G. C. says:

    This e-mail is a few days late – but, I want you to know that once again I am very impressed with the quality of your work. This book was in very rough shape when I sent it to you. I am very pleased with your restoration. Thank you again.

    -G. C. Florida 5/10/14

  22. M. M. says:

    I got the rebound Bible. You did another beautiful job. Thank you very much!

    -M. M. Maryland 5/6/14

  23. J. P. says:

    Just got the latest box and I’m thrilled. The color couldn’t be better, and as usual you made a little something into a real treasure!

    -J. P. Connecticut 3/28/14

  24. J. G. says:

    My compliments. The books are beautiful.

    -J. G. New York 12/29/13

  25. R. T. says:

    Lynda-thank you so much for your help with my book. Got it yesterday and it looks great!!

    -R. T. Nevada 12/5/13

  26. R. H. says:

    Lynda, the book arrived today and looks pretty gosh darn good! Thank you so much! Not only is it a nice keepsake now, but it’s easier to hold and read!

    -R. H. Maryland 12/2/13

  27. D. E. says:

    I received the book, it looks amazing! I couldn’t have hoped for anything better. I can’t wait to give it to my sister this Christmas!

    Thank you so much,
    -D. E. Virginia 11/24/13

  28. P. C. says:

    Just wanted to let you know I received the books in the mail today. As usual, they are perfect. Thanks so much! It’s such a great way to keep these daily logs of our kids lives. Thanks again!

    -P.C. California 11/14/13

  29. M. H. says:

    The Bibles came today & THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Words fail me now so all I know how to say is thank you.
    Now I have exactly what I have long wished and in a fashion that are so pretty.
    I am sure long after I leave here, my son & grandson will still love the beauty you provided.

    -M.H. Georgia 11/14/13

  30. J. S. says:

    WOW!… What can I say…
    Received the book and it is absolutely amazing.

    Thank you so very very much for always taking such extraordinary care.

    -J.S. Connecticut 10/26/13

  31. M. T. says:

    I just received my Bible and am so happy with the results. Thanks so much! You did a beautiful job!

    -M. T. Washington 8/2/13

  32. A. S. says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful book, which arrived well today. Appreciate your excellent work on this!

    -A. S. Oregon 5/31/13

  33. R. L. says:

    We received both the Bible and the book you made for my daughter. Thank you so much! It turned out great and she loves it.
    -R. L. Texas 5/8/13

  34. J. Q. says:

    Almost forgot to tell you, the book looks amazing! Thanks Lynda!

    -J. Q. Washington 4/22/13

  35. W. M. says:

    The books are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much. The pages were in rough shape to begin with. I am surprised you got them looking as nice as they do. They were all bent out of shape and full of creases. Again, thanks!

    -W. M. Kansas 4/19/13

  36. D. C. says:

    Thanks for a beautiful job!

    -D. C. Oregon 4/19/13

  37. S. G. says:

    Thank you so much for fixing my Bible. You did a wonderful job and I am thrilled that I can again use it.

    -S. G. Washington 4/16/13

  38. C. C. says:

    It has arrived and is perfectly gorgeous, beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for this wonderful treasure!

    -C. C. North Carolina 12/7/12

  39. J. W. says:

    The box arrived today and as always, your work is great. Thanks so much!

    -J. W. Oregon 12/6/12

  40. D. M. says:

    Got the book today, great job! It turned out just like I imagined it would. Thanks so much,
    – D. M. California 12/5/12

  41. T. M. says:

    Unbelievable quality of work. I REALLY like how these books turned out, and I can’t wait to show my fiance hers a month from now…she won’t even believe it. Very nice, job!

    -T. M. California 11/12/12

  42. H. A. says:

    Thanks very much for the great and quick work!

    -H. A. California 10/25/12

  43. R. H. says:

    We received the book today. My wife was very pleased. The book is tight yet flexible enough to lay open in the hand. This a very subtle but discernible difference and the true mark of craftsmanship. It should last another 30 years and will no doubt be in continual use. We hope that you pass your craft on to the next generation. You have a rare talent and it will become rarer as time passes.

    -R. H. Washington 10/16/12

  44. C. N. says:

    I’m kind of slow getting back with you, but I want to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my book of poems.

    -C. N. Florida 9/22/12

  45. M. M. says:

    I’m speechless. It is so beautiful. Thank you so much for being a part of my gift to my brother.

    -M. M. Connecticut 8/3/12

  46. B. B. says:

    This past Saturday, I received our book that you custom bound for us with a leather hard cover, gold edges, and raised ribs. Everyone who has seen, and touched, the book has said your work is stunning! My wife and I can’t wait to present it to our daughter as a very personal wedding present.

    – B. B. New York 7/15/12

  47. M. M. says:

    The book has arrived … and it is beautiful! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on our family history book binding. It will be a treasure. I will certainly have more binding for you to do.

    -M. M. Kansas 6/8/12

  48. R. B. says:

    The book you bound for me is really nice! It’s amazing how something that started out as a rather ratty pamphlet ended up as a good-looking little book. Thanks for the great job!

    -R. B. Oregon 5/6/12

  49. J. K. says:

    Got the book today. Looks great! I am very happy with the quality of work. I really like the soft leather, most of the leather bound books I own are a bit harder leather. It has a really nice touch to it. Thank you very much, I’m sure my friends will be very happy with the book!

    -J. K. Connecticut 3/19/12

  50. D. M. says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the top- notch repair that you did on our family Bible- my mother could not have been happier.

    -D. M. Colorado 3/11/12

  51. J. G. says:

    Got it today. It is more than I hoped. Great job! Thank you.

    -J. G. New York 2/3/12

  52. S. Q. says:

    Thank you, Lynda! I absolutely love the book!!!

    -S. Q. Iowa 2/1/12

  53. J. L. says:

    I am extremely happy with the quality and production of this leather bound book. Thank you for all of your hard work and quick turn around time!

    J. L. Massachusetts 1/31/12

  54. C. R. says:

    – I got the book back today and it looks great; thank you so much!

    -C. R. Washington 1/26/12

  55. B. W. says:

    I’m glad I came across your web site. You really do such beautiful work. I hope to be back for more before long.

    -B. W. Hawaii 12/20/11

  56. L. B. says:

    I just wanted to say, I’ve very impressed with how the book turned out. Thanks so much!

    -L. B. Oregon 12/17/11

  57. M. V. says:

    I just received the book yesterday and it looks great, even better than I expected. I think this is a good way for me to add books to my library of leather bound books which were never published in any sort of non mass market binding. I am sure that I will be a repeat customer.

    -M. V. California 12/17/11

  58. C. S. says:

    I just received the book, and it looks fantastic! I can’t thank you enough, and I’ll definitely be using your services again in the future.

    C. S. Texas 12/9/11

  59. G. D. says:

    Books Arrived! They look Fabulous!!!!

    -G. D. California 12/7/11

  60. O. G. says:

    The five copies of my dad’s biography arrived today and they are just perfect! Thank you so much for a beautiful job–and a quick delivery. Dad and my 3 siblings will not see the book until Christmas Eve, and I’m sure there will be tears all around.

    I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for a book binder–and I’ll know where to turn if I should ever have another project like this in the future.

    Thanks again, and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    -O. G. Tennessee 12/5/11

  61. N. K. says:

    I gave the rebound book to my wife for her birthday a few days ago. She loved it!

    -N.K. California 11/24/11

  62. S. D. says:

    My son had you make a book for him for my birthday. I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a great job you did.
    -S. D. Oregon 10/31/11

  63. T. A. says:

    I received the books yesterday. Your work is spectacular and much appreciated. Any future volumes I come across needing work will be sent to you as well as anybody I can refer.
    -T. A. Pennsylvania 10/26/11

  64. D. V. says:

    Thanks!!! Sorry for the delay! I got the book late last week and it looks beautiful as always. As soon as I am able I’ll send the next batch.
    -D. V. Texas 10/18/11

  65. J. S. says:

    Wow. That’s all I can say. I just received the book. It is so beautiful. I really cannot thank you enough. Truly. Each book you do for our family is more spectacular than the last.

    Thank you.

    – J. S. Connecticut 9/21/11

  66. B. W. says:

    The books arrived today. They are beautiful!

    I loved your choice of binding, your choice of paper. They’re really gorgeous. Thanks for the fast service.

    -B. W. Hawaii 8/5/11

  67. D. M. says:

    Got the book today. Another great job, thanks.

    -D. M. California 7/25/11

  68. L. M. says:

    Thanks for a wonderful job on the book! My husband LOVED it!!!

    -L. M. Tennessee 6/28/11

  69. J. B. says:

    Just received the book today, it is awesome! So perfect. Couldn’t be any better. (I gave your name to a friend- and she’ll pass it on to her friend.)

    -J. B. Massachusetts 6/24/11

  70. K. C. says:

    Thank you so much for fixing my favorite book so nicely! I am so happy to have it back so neatly restored!

    -K. C. Oregon 6/1/11

  71. A. C. says:

    I received the Arabic-English Bible you rebound for me last week. I just wanted to say it looks great! Thanks for doing a wonderful job. Everything was efficient, easy, and quality work at the best price I have seen anywhere.

    -A. C. Texas 5/18/11

  72. C. R. says:

    The book was a great hit!!! I meant to tell you thank you. You’re the best. Thank you so much!

    -C. R. Colorado 5/10/11

  73. G. C. says:

    The book arrived today. You did a great job!

    -G. C. Florida 4/23/11

  74. J. M. says:

    Just wanted to say that I received the book and it’s amazing. We are so happy with the work you did. It really looks great.

    -J. M. New Jersey 4/14/11

  75. J. P. says:

    AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, EXTRAORDINARY AND EXCEEDING MY (VERY HIGH) EXPECTATIONS!!!! I was so excited when I opened your package just now that I did a little ‘happy dance’ right in the middle of our shop. Your work truly honors Escher’s work, and I am delighted to work together with you.

    -J. P. Connecticut 4/11/11

  76. C. H. says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did on my logbook; it far exceeded my expectations.

    -C. H. Texas 4/2/11

  77. L. H. says:

    You did a great job on the book – even better than I had hoped for! Thank you so much – I think he will be very pleased.

    -L. H. Indiana 12/4/08

  78. D. D. says:

    The books arrived today, and they are all I hoped for, and more. Terrific job! I hope my kids will be as thrilled with them as I am. Many thanks for a thoroughly excellent job.

    -D. D. Connecticut 12/1/10

  79. K. M. says:

    The Bible is WONDERFUL! You have been splendid to work with, and the craftsmanship of the repair job far exceeded what I could have hoped for or imagined!

    -K. M. Indiana 10/15/10

  80. P. C. says:

    I came home to a package this afternoon and opened it to find the most beautiful lavender bound book! Thank you so much, it’s perfect — better than I had imagined! I am going to show it to all of my daughter’s teachers at school. We will treasure this book forever and are so grateful to you for your hard work helping us realize this project. We will definitely keep you in mind for future projects.

    -P. C. Connecticut 10/1/10

  81. S. B. says:

    The books came yesterday and they look great. I think we have found the perfect combination of bookmarks, plastic coverings, letterings, etc! Talk to you next year!

    -S. B. Oregon 8/27/10

  82. B. G. says:

    I got it! I LOVE it. It is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.

    -B. G. Washington 8/26/10

  83. J. G. says:

    Got my bound thesis back in today’s mail. Looks really nice and I appreciate the good job you did!

    -J. G. Oregon 7/26/10

  84. J. T. says:

    I got the book back yesterday. It looks amazing!! You did a wonderful job and we’re very excited (and proud) to give it to my dad. You have a customer for life!!

    -J. T. Washington 7/23/10

  85. D. M. says:

    I received the book over the weekend and just wanted to say great job. I like the color and of course the quality.

    -D. M. California 6/14/10

  86. W. C. says:

    Thank you so much for binding my wife’s Bible. It arrived just in time for her birthday and Mother’s day. Perfect job!!!

    -W. C. California 5/13/10

  87. A. F. says:

    Thank you so much! It is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!! I had so many compliments on it too! it was such a pleasure doing business with you.

    -A. F. Tennessee 4/26/10

  88. E. R. says:

    It came in the mail today. It is absolutely perfect — just what we were hoping for! Again thank you for such excellent service — if I ever have another custom binding project, I will be coming back to you.

    -E. R. Indiana 4/6/10

  89. J. R. says:

    I got my bible this weekend and I wanted to tell you thank you so much! It looks great! I could not be happier.

    -J .R. California 4/5/10

  90. L. D. says:

    WOW and THANK YOU SO MUCH! This has gone beyond all my wildest dreams. Lynda, you are absolutely at the top of the shelf when it comes to workmanship, diligence, and skill! This was the greatest gift I could ever hope to give my wife, and you have made it all possible. She was amazed and incredibly dazzled by your work! Thank you so much for making a special moment possible!

    -L. D. Missouri 3/29/10

  91. J. V. says:

    I received your book and I’m so happy with the results. It’s a beautiful book now, and I especially love the endpapers. Bookbinding seems to be a quickly dying art, but I hope your business continues to go strong. I don’t move in circles of bibliophiles, but I will still pass on your info to anyone who may be interested, as I am very happy with every interaction we’ve had. We are going to have a reading from this book during our wedding ceremony, and if our photographer happens to catch a photo of the reader holding your book, I will certainly send it your way. Thanks again!

    -J. V. Florida 2/8/10

  92. C. N. says:

    The box arrived yesterday. It’s beautiful… just what I was hoping for! Thank you very much for your fine craftsmanship.

    -C. N. California 1/15/10

  93. D. F. says:

    The books arrived yesterday and I picked them up from my mailbox this morning – they look great!! Thank you so much for your hard (and fast!) work. I know that he will love the books :-)

    -D. F. New Jersey 12/23/09

  94. A. L. says:

    Lynda- thank you for the book! It arrived this past weekend, it looks wonderful. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it- exactly what I wanted.

    -A. L. Illinois 12/21/09

  95. C. W. says:

    The book looks amazing! I absolutely love it! It looks so profession now! I really love the ivy you chose and the paper attached to the books cover on the inside thank you so much!

    -C. W. Ohio 12/14/09

  96. J. B. says:

    I received the books today. You did a fantastic job. Thank you very much.

    -J. B. New York 11/17/09

  97. J. B. says:

    Got the book and it looks lovely. Thanks, you did an excellent job!

    -J. B. Arizona 10/17/09

  98. B. T. says:

    The book arrived today. Thank you very much for the good job, and the excellent service.

    -B. T. California 10/17/09

  99. B. T. says:

    Thank you very much for your very good job on the family tree book. My relatives will probably order more books…

    -B. T. California 9/22/09

  100. A. L. says:

    I received the clamshell cases and they look wonderful! Thanks again for your efforts.

    -A. L. Pennsylvania 7/29/09

  101. P. T. says:

    I just wanted to tell you what a nice job you did in recovering my Bible! Looks just like new!

    -P. T. Indiana 7/25/09

  102. S. D. says:

    Got the book! It looks beautiful. It’s exactly as I had pictured and hoped. I love the soft feel of that leather. Thank you so much for taking the time to do a great job. I know she’ll love it!

    -S. D. Montana 7/23/09

  103. H. S. says:

    The family was extremely pleased with the custom book you did. They would like to order 3 more books for their kids.

    -H. S. Michigan 7/21/09

  104. M. H. says:

    How wondrous is your craft. I am so glad I found you. Thanks for all you do and special thanks for the work on my Bible. It is perfect!

    -M. H. Georgia 7/15/09

  105. D. V. says:

    Oh My Gosh! I just received your custom job! This is BEAUTIFUL!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

    -D. V. Puerto Rico 7/13/09

  106. F. T. says:

    This clam shell box is great. Book fits nicely inside.

    -F. T. Maryland 7/13/09

  107. T. R. says:

    I received the books today. They’re beautiful! Many thanks!

    -T. R. California 5/11/09

  108. M. S. says:

    Sorry I lost track of time and I think I forgot to let you know I received the book. It looks amazing! It is exactly what I was wanting. I really appreciate the work you did on it. I am now less than 2 weeks away from my wedding and I can’t wait to give it to her! If I get the opportunity to recommend you to someone else I will happily do so. You were really easy to work with and you added that personal touch that makes it so much more meaningful. Thank you so much.

    -M. S. Maryland 4/6/09

  109. B. B. says:

    I received the two books. You did a wonderful job on them.

    -B. B. D.C. 3/18/09

  110. R. M. says:

    I just received the book. It’s beautiful! Thanks so much….I will be sending more soon.

    -R. M. Illinois 3/17/09

  111. C. S. says:

    Received the book – it’s perfect. My wife will love it. Thanks.

    -C. S. Texas 2/21/09

  112. S. M. says:

    I just wanted you to know I received the book and I love it! You did a terrific job and the book looks exactly as I would have imagined it. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas,

    -S. M. Florida 12/8/08

  113. C. S. says:

    Although we still are in the process of ordering a “proper” stand to display our sign-in book, we are very happy with the portfolio you made for us. Thanks a lot for all your help. We love it!!

    -C. S. California 12/7/08

  114. W. K. says:

    I received the book and slipcase today – they were both more amazing than I could have imagined, even having seen the pictures already. It was such a pleasure to work with you throughout the process, and I can’t believe how quickly you produced this project at such high quality. This will absolutely be the perfect wedding gift for my fiancée/wife. We will cherish it forever! Thank you so very much,

    -W. K. Wisconsin 11/29/08

  115. R. G. says:

    I am very pleased with your workmanship and pricing. There will be more people your way!! Thanks.

    -R. G. Oregon 10/29/08

  116. S. W. says:

    Just wanted to let you know the Bible arrived back in the mail yesterday and it looks fantastic! The gold cross design on the front is perfect, and the binding is so nice! Thanks for putting the 3 ribbons in. I am really happy with it, and will certainly recommend you to friends! My husband was impressed as well. You are an artist!

    -S. W. South Carolina 9/18/08

  117. S. S. says:

    I wanted to write and tell you Thank You. It’s beautiful. I love it and the way it feels. I can’t believe you did it all so fast and it is just beautiful. Now I want more…

    -S. S. Oregon 9/17/08

  118. J. C. says:

    The book was beautiful! She loved it as did everyone else. Thanks so much for working with us to have it for the 28th!

    -J. C. Indiana 9/2/08

  119. B. G. says:

    Just wanted you to know I received the book on Friday. It far exceeded my expectations. I know it will be a treasured source of memories for the family. Thank you so much!

    -B. G. California 8/31/08

  120. S. B. says:

    Hello! I received the books this weekend. I think they are getting thicker instead of thinner like I expected them to over the years. The black looks great on the tan and thanks for sending the samples! They both look great and I’m amazed at how you keep it consistent throughout the years. Until next year!

    -S. B. Oregon 8/24/08

  121. T. H. says:

    Just got the book in the mail today. Looks great. My wife will love it. Thanks again.

    -T. H. Tennessee 8/18/08

  122. J. D. says:

    The Bible is great. Thank-you so much!

    -J. D. Washington 5/22/08

  123. B. F. says:

    The book arrived today. It looks wonderful! Thank you so much. If I have more books to be rebound in the future, I will be happy to use your services again.

    – B. F. Colorado 4/16/08

  124. L. G. says:

    I was just looking through my E-mails and I realized I had not let you know that I received the book. It looked fabulous! So professional looking and beautiful. I gave it to him last weekend at his retirement party and he was so touched. He said it was the best gift he had ever received. Thank you so much for your meticulous and artistic work. You are truly gifted. It was a great moment in my life to see his reaction and I will never forget it.

    -L. G. Oregon 4/15/08

  125. J. T. says:

    Great work, again. I’ll remember you.

    -J. T. California 3/25/08

  126. M. H. says:

    With your wonderful work, providing two leather bound books on each side of my family history, you have helped me accomplish a life’s dream. Now I have permanent and beautiful volumes in perfect leather to pass onward instead of a bunch of folders and three ring binders. The dream is done! Your work was exquisite and easily worth the cost. It’s hard to put a price on beauty so I’ll just leave it at that. Thank you for working with me. I’m already planning to send you more.

    -M. H. Georgia 3/7/08

  127. K. V. says:

    I received the books on Feb. 15th. They look wonderful!!! So professional, and the cover material feels so nice. Thank you for your beautiful binding work, your patience with my submission and questions, and your expeditious turnaround just before your vacation. Wow! I look forward to working with you again in the future. I’ll be in touch as I determine my next project.

    -K. V. Idaho 2/25/08

  128. J. Q. says:

    The Logbook looks great! Thank you very much!

    -J. Q. Washington 2/19/08

  129. T. R. says:

    Book received. It’s beautiful, thanks!

    -T. R. California 2/6/08

  130. K. S. says:

    My husband was totally surprised and really, really liked the work, the color, the verse, all of it. He passed it around for all to see at our Bible study. He has had the Bible a really long time and its pretty broke in. Thanks again. We showed others and will pass on your name.

    -K. S. Washington 2/4/08

  131. D. S. says:

    Lynda – Got the books yesterday and I love ‘em. You did a wonderful job. Thanks again.

    – D. S. Pennsylvania 2/1/08

  132. A. D. says:

    I received the book today, it looks wonderful. I’m very pleased, and am sure my father will be as well. You do excellent work, at a reasonable price. I’ll certainly recommend you to my friends.

    -A. D. Virginia 12/5/07

  133. R. A. says:

    I returned from my trip late last night and today had a chance to look at the books. They look great. Thank you. I also want you to do 6 more books . . . so I can get them out by Christmas.

    -R. A. Massachusetts 11/18/07

  134. J. B. says:

    Lynda, I am very pleased with the book. I hate to see old books left to disintegrate! Thanks again for doing a wonderful job!

    -J. B. Minnesota 10/26/07

  135. S. H. says:

    Hey, I just got my book back. You’ve done a great job. I love it.

    -S. H. Alabama 10/23/07

  136. P. H. says:

    The book arrived. It looks wonderful! Thanks so much for another superlative job. I’m sure I’ll have more for you to do in the future.

    -P. H. Texas 10/17/07

  137. S. H. says:

    I got my books back today and I just wanted you to know that I absolutely love them. You’ve done a great job. I’ll send copies for two more books and another check. Thanks again. They’re great!

    -S. H. Alabama 9/13/07

  138. D. B. says:

    My Bible came in the mail yesterday. It’s beautiful. I’m sure it will last another 50 years now. Thanks so much for your prompt and professional attention.

    -D. B. Utah 9/12/07

  139. S. B. says:

    Hi Lynda, I received the books and they look great as usual! Thanks so much. The girls made me sit and read a good portion of one right away. What a pleasant surprise to get a free book. That is a great courtesy! Hard to believe I have 10 books! I did refer someone to you…, not sure if she has contacted you yet. Have a great rest of the summer!

    -S. B. Oregon 8/9/07

  140. T. R. says:

    Just wanted to let you know I received the book and I’m pleased with it. It’s beautiful. Thanks a lot.

    -T. R. California 8/8/07

  141. C. H. says:

    I am in receipt of the books…they are beautiful. I love them. You did a wonderful job.

    -C. H. Florida 7/11/07

  142. B. R. says:

    The Bible is beautiful! What a great job! I will always recommend you to others who need your services. . . Your work was a great success. My brother is a minister and told everyone at our family reunion that he will start preaching from the Bible you restored. The detailed binding and printing of the letters on the front were very distinguished.

    -B. R. Maryland 6/5/07

  143. J. B. says:

    I received my rebound books this afternoon and am so very pleased with them. I never was able to really read them as the pages kept flipping out, but now I shall read them both from cover to cover! Thanks for the great job you did on my books!

    -J. B. Minnesota 5/24/07

  144. P. H. says:

    I meant to send you a note sooner. The book is FABULOUS! Very, very nicely done. You will be seeing my projects again, I guarantee. Thanks so very much for your quick and skillful efforts. It is appreciated.

    -P. H. Texas 5/3/07

  145. D. B. says:

    The books arrived today. Words can’t explain how thrilled I was to see them in new condition. I had no idea that you’d be able to accomplish so much with so little. The lettering was superb. I thought I’d get a couple of lines in one font, but you went the extra mile and made them look original and finished. The faux cords look great as did the cut-out leather “Pioneers” on the cover! My wife was very pleased but when I took them over to my 85 year old parents’ home and my mother got tears in her eyes looking at a book she remembers from HER grandparents home, I knew we’d hit a home run. Thanks for the business card and the pen. I’ll certainly be using you again and will recommend you as the professional that you truly are.

    -D. B. Utah 2/7/07

  146. D. S. says:

    I received “The Complete Shudder Stories.” It is magnificent! The raised hub spine is just too cool. You really are a crafts person like no other I know. Truly remarkable work. Thank you so much.

    -D. S. California 1/30/07

  147. C. K. says:

    Just wanted to thank you for a job well done. I will recommend you anytime. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    -C. K. Nebraska 12/19/06

  148. C. M. says:

    I got the book in the mail today. It turned out great! Thank you for getting it back to me in such a timely manner. Have a great holiday season!

    -C. M. Tennessee 12/13/06

  149. D. N. says:

    The books arrived. They are WONDERFUL. Thank you. I’ll be calling on you again soon. Have a very happy holiday season and profitable new year.

    -D. N. New Jersey 12/4/06

  150. J. H. says:

    I know this note is quite delayed – but thank you for rebinding my Bible. You did such a great job on it. It’s such a blessing having all the pages intact. I will definitely refer you to all who inquire about such services. Thank you!!

    -J. H. Washington 12/2/06

  151. B. S. says:

    Thanks, Lynda, for the great job you did restoring my old Bible. I may have another job for you!

    -B. S. Washington 11/8/06

  152. P. L. says:

    I am VERY pleased with the book. Thank you very much. It is what I needed and requested. Your efforts to be on time with my schedule are very greatly appreciated and admired. There are a lot of reasons to be generous to your company and to you in particular. The service and cooperation you provided was exceptional in your personal respects alone, the job was obscure, and the personal importance of this for me is great. You are a small business with honest prices, and so I feel that you are more than worthy of a handsome tip.

    -P. L. Oregon 10/19/06

  153. L. S. says:

    I just received my Bible a couple of days ago. I just want to thank you for the lovely job that you did on it. I’m so pleased to get it back. It’s like an old friend. Thank you again and if I have anything else that needs binding, you will hear from me.

    -L. S. Oregon 10/13/06

  154. J. B. says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that I have received the R. E. Howard custom slipcase. It is nothing less than superb and I am quite pleased! It fits the books like a glove and looks great! What a welcome addition to my library and bookshelf. Absolutely a premiere standout item without a doubt. Thanks for doing a bang-up professional job…

    -J. B. Ohio 8/24/06

  155. B. L. says:

    Just a quick e-mail to let you know I received my REH slipcase and it’s a dandy, thank you very much. I appreciate the fine packing job – and thanks for the pen!

    -B. L. Ohio 8/23/06

  156. D. M. says:

    IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! The leather is so soft I can’t believe it and the paper you selected for the inside is gorgeous! My husband *was*, indeed, quite impressed with the way it turned out. I can’t thank you enough for taking on this project and for all the suggestions you made along the way. It’s the most amazing memento of our e-courtship…. It’s just very, very special.

    -D. M. Connecticut 7/30/06

  157. D. S. says:

    Your great craftsmanship (craftswomanship, is that a word?) has made this the best slip case I have ever owned. Thanks for a job done exemplarily well. I’ve never seen, had, or imagined a slip case this nice.

    -D. S. California 7/21/06

  158. C. F. says:

    The books arrived in good condition, and they look great.

    -C. F. Oregon 7/20/06

  159. K. S. says:

    Hi, Lynda. I just came home from Dallas and my Bible was waiting for me. I am so proud of it and I do thank you for doing such a nice job on it. Have a wonderful day.

    -K. S. Tennessee 4/27/06

  160. M. S. says:

    The three leather bound copies of the thesis look absolutely great!

    Mom loves her copy & thanks for such superb work.

    -M. S. 1/28/06

  161. R. L. says:

    If you have any business cards or brochures, please feel free to include them with my Bible in the return shipment. I will let other people know of your skill and trade at the seminary I attend…

    I received my Bible yesterday. You did a wonderful job and I really like the feel of the soft leather book binding. This book rebinding has definitely extended the use of my Bible. I look forward to using my Bible for some time longer. Thank you for your skillful efforts in rebinding my Bible.

    All the best. -R. L. 01/11/06

  162. L. L. says:

    Thank you SO much!!! Have a wonderful holiday – with your help and talented hand of my husband’s, this will be even more special!!! All the best. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends. Thanks again.

    -L. L. 12/19/05

  163. M. D. says:

    I got the books today and just wanted you to know I LOVE THEM! It looks so neat and professional. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and assistance. I cannot say it enough, I love them!

    -M. D. 11/30/05

  164. L. S. says:

    As things turned out, I could not get away to go so I am here to receive them. I am thrilled to tell you the books got to New Mexico yesterday and my sister-in-law Linda said the Flowers of the Dawn book turned out great! Thank you so much for your efforts in getting it there for our show. I am really looking forward to seeing the book myself, kind of a bummer I did not get to go. Thanks again,

    -L. S. Montana 10/5/05

  165. B. W. says:

    Hi Lynda! I received the book, and I love it! I believe it’s the best one yet. I’ll send another one next month. I think I have 2 more, and will be getting a new one at the end of this month. At this rate, I’ll use every color leather you have. Thanks again,

    -B. W. 9/19/05

  166. S. B. says:

    They look great! Thank you so much! I am now going to try to get the next two years off to you and need to choose colors and all that.

    -S. B. Oregon 8/18/05

  167. S. W. says:

    Lynda – Thanks for the good job done on my Bible. It’s nice to not have it falling apart on me.

    -S. W. 7/23/05

  168. T. G. says:

    I was going back through some old emails, and when I came across this one, I realized that I hadn’t gotten back to you with the results!
    Needless to say, she loved the whole book, and it DID have the intended outcome. As I nervously sat there while she read through the book page by page, my one semi-regret was that I had made it so long! That was a long time to be nervous and to try and hold in a surprise!!
    Thanks again for all your help on this project!
    -T. G. 5/23/05

    Lynda’s explanation: This was a book with a story in the first section of the book with the back half glued together with an engagement ring held in a velvet pocket. Thus, read the story which ends with, “Will you marry me?” and turn the page to see the ring.

  169. L. P. says:

    Hi Lynda, I just wanted to let you know I received the Bible yesterday. It looks great. Thanks so much. God bless,

    -L. P. 2/18/05

  170. L. S. says:

    The books arrived and we are extremely happy with them! We like how you did the title and enormously appreciate your efforts in getting them here in time for the … banquet and auction…

    -L. S. 2/17/05

  171. T. G. says:

    The book has arrived safely and looks great, thank you so much!

    -T. G. 2/15/05

  172. D. R. says:

    Hi Lynda — just wanted to say thanks for the lovely job you did on Mr. W.’s dictionary, it looks fantastic!

    -D. R. 2/10/05

  173. L. T. says:

    I received the books. They look great. I am very happy with the quality and will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who might need some binding done. If I need some more binding in the future I will also contact you. Thanks again.

    -L. T. 2/3/05

  174. C. W-N. says:

    I wanted to let you know that I received the book today. It looks great. I can’t wait to give it to my father as his Christmas present. If I ever hear of anyone needing any book binding done, I will definitely recommend you. Thank you.

    -C. W-N. 12/11/04

  175. J. M. says:

    Holy mackerel, the books are fantastic! Thanks for taking on and completing this odd project so quickly, especially over Thanksgiving. While I don’t know if any of my friends need binding services off the top of my head, I will actively find out and direct them your way.

    -J. M. 12/1/04

  176. R. H. says:

    It came in the mail today (Saturday). Thanks, it looks wonderful. My wife is ecstatic!

    -R.H. 11/27/04

  177. N. A. says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my books. They look fantastic – I hardly recognized them!

    -N. A. 10/27/04

  178. R. M. says:

    I have received my book back today. Thank you so much for the care you put into it.

    It’s wonderful.

    -R. M. 7/26/04

  179. N. T. says:

    I just got the book. WhoooHooooo!

    It’s great. Thanks so much for doing a great job. She’ll love it. Now if only I can wait to give it to her. If ever you need an endorsement, just let me know. Thanks again. You’ll be doing volume II soon.

    -N. T. 7/22/04

  180. P. H. says:

    Lynda, The book arrived yesterday and is exactly what I was looking for, you did a great job. I will send another volume shortly.

    -P. H. 7/21/04

  181. D. L. says:


    -D. L. 7/12/04

  182. T. W. says:

    I received my books today, and, at the risk of your raising your rates, again am very satisfied with your work. Thanks so much.

    -T. W. 2/27/04

  183. B. S. says:

    Have been at the autograph biz 14 years and am pleasantly shocked at the great quality and speed that you provided me…will be sending more books your way and I thank you very much. Last order I had done for this type of thing took 6 weeks!
    Hope business is good for you as you are a quality provider.

    -B. S. 1/28/04

  184. S. G. says:

    We have received the Bible you repaired and want to thank you for a wonderful job.

    S. G. 1/9/04

  185. T. W. says:

    I received my books today, and to say I am pleased would be a terrible understatement. Your work is spectacular.

    -T. W. 9/9/03

  186. R. T. R. says:

    The hymnal arrived safely, Lynda, and in good condition. The rebinding is lovely. Thank you!
    Although I had not expected to use the hymnal during the summer, I served as a liturgical deacon for a friend’s funeral on Thursday evening, and carried my newly rebound hymnal for the first time.
    An appropriate, though sad, debut for your work.

    -R. T. R. 8/2/03

  187. C. C. says:

    Lynda, it looks great. I am very impressed. Thank you so very much for doing it quickly, and putting thought into it.

    -C. C. 6/6/03

  188. I. P. says:

    The book arrived today. It looks great. At last I’ll be able to read it without worrying about the pages falling out… I’d like to make use of your book binding services again please.

    -I. P. 5/12/03

  189. J. T. says:

    Got the book back yesterday, just wanted to say thanks much and great job. I’m very pleased, that’s a special book to me (and very old).

    -J. T. 4/23/03

  190. B. B. says:

    I received the book, and it’s gorgeous! Thank you so much for the work you’ve done. Amie absolutely loved it.

    -B. B. 12/27/02

  191. K. K. says:

    Score arrived and it’s beautiful. Thank you very much!

    -K. K. 10/5/02

  192. D. S. says:

    I got the book yesterday and it looks great! Thanks so much.

    -D. S. 8/29/02