Written By: Lynda


To estimate the cost, first start with the kind of project you have, then add on any extras you need or want.

What kind of project do you have?  See the Book Binding Gallery (at right) for more information about each item.

  • Reattach Original Cover  $30.00
  • Basic Binding or Rebinding with Book Cloth Cover (not oversize)  $45.00
  • Basic Binding or Rebinding with Leather Cover (not oversize)  $70.00
  • Portfolio in Leather  $75.00
  • Slip Case in Leather  $85.00
  • Clam Shell Box in Book Cloth  $85.00
  • Clam Shell Box in Leather  $120.00

Additional Charges

  • Gluing Pages for a stack of loose sheets or for book repair.    Add $15.00
  • Sewn Books for books originally sewn that need repair, or to sew sections of pages (signatures) that are folded in half at the spine.    Add $25.00
  • Foil Imprinting (6 Font choices + 6 Foil colors) a 2” x 5” area    $5.00/setup/area
  • Custom Imprinting    Price varies
  • Raised Ribs  plain    $2.00 each
  • Raised Ribs with gold lines    $5.00 each
  • Spray edges of pages gold (new books only)    $5.00
  • Deckle cut edges (front edge – loose pages only)    $5.00
  • Marbled end sheets (a solid color is included in basic price)    $10.00
  • Oversize Books: If the book pages are larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches, there is an additional charge of $12.00 (or more) added to the basic cost. Be specific describing the desired size as this will aid in providing an accurate quote of costs.
  • Add a Ribbon Bookmark    FREE

  (Prices effective 9/13/2017)


Most prices include return postage using USPS Priority Mail within the continental U.S.  If you need extra rush shipment, then there may be additional shipping costs.


Payment for services is due when placing order by: personal check, money order, or PayPal to my e-mail address. A check or money order should be included with the shipment of the book(s) to be bound. Washington residents must add the appropriate destination based sales tax to the binding costs. Please let me know that you live in Washington at the  time of placing your order.


If you have any other questions or wish to place an order, please Contact Lynda’s Custom Bookbinding.