Book Cloth Covers

Written By: Lynda

Basic Binding or Rebinding with Cloth Cover:


If the body of the book is intact, and all that is needed is a new hard cover, or if a paperback is desired to become a hardback, I will:

a. Add new flyleaf.

b. Reinforce the spine with binding gauze.

c. Trim edges if needed.

d. Add headbands.

e. Make new cover using Davey board, covered with book cloth in your choice of colors


Color Choices

The cloth finishes have a slightly rough texture, while the vellum finishes have a smooth, more washable surface.  Colors shown below may not be true representations due to photography and monitor variations. I will gladly mail samples to you upon request.

black cloth
black cloth
black im
black imitation leather
blue cloth
red cloth
red cloth
red im
red imitation leather
red vellum
red vellum
spanish mission
Spanish Mission
green cloth
dark green cloth
green vellum
dark green vellum
brown im
brown imitation leather
cloth brown
dark brown cloth
golden brown vellum
textured tan cloth
cream taffeta