Torchon Lace

Written By: Lynda

A majority of the laces that I have made fall in the category of Torchon Lace.  Below are just a few of them.

I made this fan from a fan class with Louise Colgan.

Torchon Fan

This Old Tree is actually fairly easy to make.  Some of my beginning students have even made it.  Lenka Suchanek used to have the instructions on her website, but she doesn’t any more.  She has offered the pricking to the public, so if you would like a copy of it, just click here for the pricking and instructions.

Old Tree


I made a holder for packages of tissue in January 2001.  It used 52 pairs of bobbins.  This is the finished lace for the tissue holder.  I made a green satin case then sewed the lace onto it.  It closes with Velcro.

Tissueholder3   Tissueholder4

Here are some bookmarks from April Lind’s booklets, Bookmark Elegance.

bookmarks2   bookmarks3

This ruler insert was an adaptation from a pattern in April Lind’s booklet Bookmark Elegance.  It took about 20 hours to make in February 2001.


Here is a hanky edging that I made as a gift for the mother-of-the-bride when one of my sons got married.